Diploma Course Diploma in Safeguarding of Minors

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    The first important thing I learned here is that the Church has done a lot to protect minors. Many of the cases that the Church faces are from the past, but it is important to work in the field of prevention, creating a safe environment for minors within the Church and society. The second thing I have learned is what to do if there are cases of abuse, how to investigate. We can not hide the problem, the solution is to have an appropriate reaction, and to cooperate with civil authorities. The third important thing I've learned is how to talk to the victims, how to try to understand them and help them. The victim comes first and it is important to listen to them, and to create an environment of trust.

    Fr Toms
    Alumnus, Diploma Course 2016
  • Diploma Course

    I am extremely pleased with this course because it has given me answers to the many questions concerning the abuse of children both within and outside the Church. I am very happy to be an integral part of the care for future generations - children and adolescents - who will need support, care and love for a brighter future and a better world. This awareness helps us, as religious men and women in the Church, to be up to the standards of our spiritual promises. Through the practice of learned strategies, religious congregations and the Church in general will correct some defective strategies and procedures to ensure that previous errors are not repeated. 

    Sr Agnes
    Alumna, Diploma Course 2016
  • 383A1969

    I think the important thing that
    I have received here is a broad understanding
    of the victims' suffering, their need to have
    someone to accompany them, and even the suffering
    of families and the community.

    Fr Gerardo
    Alumnus, Diploma Course 2016